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AllerDerm Caribbean



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     AllerDerm Caribbean Ltd is dedicated to the distribution of the Patch Test products manufactured

by Chemotechnique of Sweden for sale to and use by relevant medical Specialists throughout the

Caribbean region.



Established in 2018, AllerDerm Caribbean Ltd is operated and actively managed by a business professional with over 45 years experience in the international marketing and sales of Allergy and Dermatology products in various countries around the world, with support from a senior professional medical specialist with over 40 years clinical experience in Allergy and Dermatology, from Jamaica and around the world.

We have established a cooperation with the world's most trusted patch test manufacturer, Chemotechnique of Sweden, to distribute their products to the relevant medical Specialists in the Caribbean region.

AllerDerm Caribbean Ltd and Chemotechnique of Sweden invite your enquiries and your orders.

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Chemotechnique Diagnostics AB

of Vellinge, Sweden


The world's leading manufacturer of open-choice Patch Test system used by Dermatologists and Allergists to identify the chemical substances that cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

Accurate and reliable Identification of the problem contact allergen or allergens enables the patient to avoid such exposure in future.




Website updated to 9th July 2024

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Service & Support



With the supply of advanced medical products to a region of the world where experience in the clinical use of such products is limited, then excellent service and support from the manufacturer and even more so from the supplier is essential to maximise the benefit of the products to the medical professional and their patients.


If you as a medical professional require background knowledge or specific information or have any questions on the use of such products, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Telephone:   +44 7960 315 127

WhatsApp:   +44 7960 315 127


      The Patch Tester
            Issue #19 

               Juneh 2024
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